HHS Diversity and Inclusion Committee

School of Health and Human Sciences

Campus-Wide Computer Access for UNCG Housekeeping and Facilities Staff : Computer Literacy and Use as Pathway to Inclusion and Workforce Development

An initiative of the HHS Office of Diversity and Inclusion and UNCG Facilities Operations


According to the 2009 Report by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, lack of access to a computer is one of the top two barriers to inclusion identified by housekeeping and facilities staff.cropped-UNCGPIC13300_2-Dusk-to-Dawn-390.jpg

Employees reported that due to a lack of computer access they were unaware of university-sponsored events including professional development; and it was difficult to access information about:

  • payroll,
  • university benefits
  • and resources
    • such as information about retirement or
    • disability policies.

In response to identified needs, Facilities Operations provided dedicated stations within its central buildings, support for account activation and maintenance, and computer training.

In partnership with the School of Health and Human Sciences Office of Diversity and inclusion, Facilities Operations seeks to build on earlier efforts to expand computer access and usage among its employees.

We propose an approach that focuses on education and training, and campus-wide computer access to support:

  1. development of computer literacy and related skills,
  2. access to information regarding payroll, benefits, human resources, and professional development opportunities
  3. greater inclusion of housekeeping and facilities staff in the larger university community; and
  4. electronic communication between employees and supervisors with the potential to lead to greater inefficiencies.

The Initiative

The initiative focuses on the following areas:

  • Development of informational resources regarding access to university computing facilities across campus, housekeeping and facilities dedicated stations, and pilot program of unit-based (HHS) stations available for housekeeping and facilities use.
  •  Educate the larger university community that access to computer labs/facilities also extends to UNCG housekeeping and facilities staff as permitted by university policy, and that ITS services are provided for all Staff.
  • Provide on-campus group training sessions in account activation and maintenance, basic computer skills and literacy, security issues, review the rules and policies for computer use within computer lab. Informational resources about how to access UNCG computer support, and individual training opportunities available on campus and in the larger Greensboro community will also be provided.